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Looking After Our Kids. Policy for Safeguarding Children. Super Membership. Print Friendly. History of the Club. While there were great hopes expressed for the new Hampton Club at that first meeting not everyone in the district was so impressed.

The Sandringham Cricket Club, which had been playing on the Triangle Reserve where Beach Road, Linacre Road and Hampton Street intersect for a number of years, did not believe the district could support two cricket clubs and suggested Hampton join forces with them. Hampton was just two weeks old and already the merger talks had begun.

The talks came to nothing as it happened and Hampton prepared for its first game.

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Hampton had been allocated the Triangle Reserve on the assumption that Sandringham would move across the road to the Beach Oval. Sandringham had other ideas. Two months into the cricket season Sandringham was continuing to occupy both grounds and Hampton had none. There were endless talks involving the clubs and the Council but Hampton remained homeless.

paul chernikeeff

Eventually the Hampton players decided to take matters into their own hands. The club went ahead and organised for its first match, against the Government Printing Office, to be played at the Triangle on the 5 th of December Early that day the Hampton players went down to the Triangle and occupied the Reserve well before the scheduled start of play.

History of the Club

Unfortunately, tensions became even further heightened at this stage as it appears that while the battle was at its height, someone had gone over to the Beach Oval and vandalised the new clay wicket that Sandringham had recently installed.

Understandably, Hampton was always held responsible for this outrage and relations between the two clubs remained strained for many years. The Battle for the Triangle behind them the Hampton boys spent the next few years playing essentially social cricket although in those times such fixtures were quite structured and organised for the season ahead. For several years Hampton attempted to enter competitive cricket but were not considered by the Brighton District Cricket Association to be good enough.Department of Defense and other sponsors.

The authorization to fly through the Washington D.

Engine Beat

The Arsenal of Democracy Executive Committee released the following statement regarding being unable to take flight as planned:. We are thankful for all the local, state and federal support that we received in the planning and postponements of the flyover; they wanted to see the flyover tribute executed just as much as we did.

Unfortunately, given all the planning, preparations and organization, including meeting the extensive security criteria that go into such a massive event, there are no plans to reschedule this year. The feature-length film documents the pole-to pole-world circumnavigation speed record achieved by Action Aviation Chairman Capt. The trailer is available for viewing here.

paul chernikeeff

A special-edition DVD and Blu-ray will be available in time for the holidays. Launching from Kennedy Space Center on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the One More Orbit team completed the Guinness World Record-breaking flight on July 11,in 46 hours and 40 minutes, at the average speed of miles per hour.

Pit stop-like speed refuels were achieved in Kazakhstan, Mauritius, and Chile. Synopsis: A daring team of astronauts and aviators fly a high-speed Gulfstream GER business jet around the earth faster than anyone ever has done before, to set the pole-to-pole circumnavigation record. Beginning their mission from the same place Apollo 11 launched for the moon 50 years earlier, this tribute to the past, present, and future of space exploration breaks the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

Vision Films is a leading independent sales and VOD aggregator specializing in the licensing, marketing, and distribution of over feature films, documentaries, and series from some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world. Action Aviation, established inis an international business brokerage company specializing in the sales and acquisitions of business jets, particularly large business jets such as Gulfstreams. Many owners worldwide have used Action Aviation to sell their business jets or to acquire new business jets.

Untitled is a global production company, which represents an elite roster of directors.

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The company creates compelling entertainment that both thrills audiences and builds brands via commercials, film, and television. The company is known for its award-winning work www. Published in Midwest Flyer amThePatriot. DeLaurentis set out on a record-setting 26,mile, country, six-continent flight to connect the only two places on the planet where there has always been peace: the North and South Poles.

With friends, family, sponsors, and others telling him to cancel his mission of peace and return home, DeLaurentis doubled down, decided to continue and flew to the next closest country that was still open — Spain.What you get is something less expensive than a carburetor and yet better than a carburetor because it makes an end run around icing and other issues that owners of carbureted aircraft are familiar with.

Rotec R350 Model Radial.

With the Rotec TBI, an ordinary low-pressure 2 to 6 psi electric fuel pump is recommended for safe operation, but the system will work fine under gravity-feed fuel pressures of as low as 0. Nor is Rotecs TBI quite like a carburetor, because instead of the fuel being drawn into the engine through a single jet, fuel is drawn out of a bunch of very small jets aligned along the length of a single metering tube that spans the width of the throttle-body throat.

This is where a TBI is more like a carburetor than conventional fuel injection; insertion of the fuel takes place in the throttle-body throat, not further along in the intake tract. Engine power is controlled by air volume, and in the Rotec TBI airflow is controlled by a slide that the operator moves back and forth across the throttle-body throat. At full power, the slide is fully retracted, allowing maximum airflow and exposing all of the holes in the fuel-metering tube.

At idle, the slide is extended, closing off the throat opening and reducing the number of metering-tube holes that are exposed to airflow. Fuel mixture is controlled by rotating the metering tube through 90 of rotational travel via a control arm thats connected to a simple push-pull control.

Because the TBI system requires only a slight negative pressure to start fuel flow from the metering-tube holes, there is no venturi in the throat such as is required for carburetors to develop sufficient negative pressure to draw fuel out of the main jet. For this reason, the TBI airflow throat is less restricted and has greater flow capacity than a comparable carburetor. This characteristic in combination with better fuel atomization results in slightly more power and lower fuel consumption than with a common carburetor.

Yes, it does. Heres why. Inbrothers Matthew and Paul Chernikeeff built their first seven-cylinder horsepower R radial engine under the Rotec banner. Inthey finished work on their second engine-the nine-cylinder hp R radial.

As they got more feedback from operators and looked for ways to strengthen their product line, they realized that while the Bing altitude-compensating carburetors they were using were adequate, they and their customers werent totally satisfied. We tested an Ellison and found it to be perfect.

It was easy to start up, ran smooth at all settings, and made more power for the same manifold pressure settings. We were very impressed, says Paul Chernikeeff. The Rotec designers thought they could build a TBI-based system-also called a variable venturi system-that was less expensive than the Ellison by using modern computer-controlled machining processes to produce high quality components from aluminum billet.

Ellison components are sand-cast aluminum.It has been said that form follows function; that is, a machine looks the way it does as a result of what it is intended to do. Fair enough. In light aviation in particular, some airframe and engine designers are truly artists, and others are, well, just engineers.

The second reactions, usually from pilots and other knowledgeable sport aviation enthusiasts, often mention the extent of the use of modern construction techniques and materials in producing the Aerolab LoCamp kit, the first kit of the Sport Camp series to be offered for sale www.

No surprise then that the Aerolab LoCamp would find its ideal powerplant in the Rotec Aerosport line of sport plane and hp radial engines. Much has been written about the creation of Australia-based Rotec Aerosport and the development of the R and R radial engines, including the background of Paul Chernikeeff, the self-taught engine designer, and his unlikely but successful efforts, along with his father, Jim, and brother, Mathew, to create a company on a shoestring budget to bring these engines into production and world-wide distribution in only a few years following their start.

A concise summary of this history can be found on the Rotec website: www. Less has been written about the engines themselves, and the astonishing demand they revealed for the return of a beautifully designed nostalgic rendering of the round engines of the past, once the dominant engine configuration in all of aviation.

paul chernikeeff

Like the Aerolab products, the Rotec radials are romantic throwbacks to an earlier era, but also are cutting-edge examples of what can happen when designer artistry encounters state-of-the-art production capability. How fortunate that Rizzi and Chernikeeff created products that seemed to be made for each other, inspired apparently from the same aeronautical passions and affections!

Most of us, not expert in the evolution of engine design or aircraft engine history, might tend to think of radial engines as the earliest aircraft powerplants, but this is not so.

Of the round engines, the rotary engines came first, powering many of the WWI fighters. In this configuration, the crankshaft is bolted to the airframe, while the cylinders and crankcase with the propeller affixed, revolve around the anchored crankshaft.

Among the complexities of this design was one shinning advantage: the air-cooled engine made its own cooling airstream! Another early configuration was the in-line, liquid-cooled powerplant in which all of the cylinders are arranged in one row, either erect or inverted. Similar concepts included the Vee, with two banks of multiple liquid-cooled cylinders arranged 45, 60 or 90 degrees apart, and X and W engines, with three and four in-line banks arranged around the crankshaft.

The need for liquid cooling imposed a practical limit in early engines with one or more rows of cylinders arranged in banks, mostly due to the weight penalty imposed by the necessary additional plumbing, water jacket and high-drag radiators, and the coolant itself.

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Air cooling was not effective in larger engines with four, six or more cylinders in a bank due to the inability to get cooling airflow to the more aft cylinders. First, the radial engine design is very conducive to air cooling since the cylinders are out front in the airstream. Even with a second row of cylinders behind the first, the aft cylinders can be arrayed in the gaps between the front row and get an adequate share of cooling air as well.

Large radial engines, with multiple rows of cylinders emerged as baffling, cowling and other cooling technologies were developed. Without the need for a liquid-cooling system, the radials enjoyed a natural power-to-weight advantage.

The Rotec Radial Engine – A Perfect Match For The Aerolab LoCamp

Radial engines present a relatively large frontal area to the airstream, as compared to other configurations, especially the horizontally opposed flat engines, and this can be seen as a disadvantage as well as the source of their engine-cooling advantages. Another advantage of the radial design in a single-row configuration is the short overall length of the engine. Since the crankshaft is short, with only a single throw, it needs fewer main bearings and can be made quite strong without a weight penalty, increasing the durability of the engine while decreasing its weight.

The crankshaft main bearings are on each side of the throw and are usually ball or roller bearings, rather than the plain bearings found in most other configurations. You Tube has several very good animations and cut-away videos of such a configuration in action. A radial engine does not have a camshaft per se, but uses one or more cam rings to actuate the overhead intake and exhaust valves of the 4-stroke setup through the use of conventional pushrods and rocker arms.

The cam ring has four lobes and turns counter to the crankshaft and at only one-eighth of the crankshaft speed, since each valve is actuated four times for each cam ring revolution, which allows for eight crankshaft revolutions.

Smaller radial engines of the past were conventionally carbureted and usually not fuel injected. The Rotec engines come with the same Bing constant-pressure altitude-compensating 40 mm carburetor used on the popular Rotax series of engines, and employ an automotive-type choke but no mixture control. The Rotec radials employ a planetary speed reduction unit PSRU to reduce engine to prop speed by a ratio of This facilitates getting more horsepower from a smaller engine, while still allowing the use of a larger, slower-turning propeller.

The PSRU is located in the nose hub of the engine and employs epicyclical gearing that allows the prop to rotate on the same axis line as the crankshaft. A Rotec hp R can swing a inch wooden propeller with a inch pitch at 2, rpm while the engine turns at its 3, rpm rated engine take-off speed.This article is scheduled to appear in Rotorcraft magazine in the very near future, for information contact editor Kathy Fields or log onto the Popular Rotorcraft Association website.

Harold F. Pitcairn purchased a Cierva C. Louis had been powered by a J-5 2 or that all but one of his famed Mailwing series had been powered by Wright J-5 series engines 3. The C. Assuming that the 18th is correct, it was twenty-five years and a day since the Wright brothers first flew - the age of rotary wing flight had come to America.

And it arrived powered by a radial engine. Manufactured in Australia, this is a sleek 7-cylinder 2, cc four-stroke radial engine. The machined aluminum crankcase and heads actually gleam! The steel billet crankshaft, nitride hardened and ground, runs on two large anti-friction roller bearings, and steel is also used for the cylinders and master and link rods.

This engine is tough! The propeller flange specs are standard SAE 2 identical with the Rotax series. Influenced by successful radial designs of the past, the Chernikeeff brothers have made use of two push rod operated overhead valves for each cylinder head fired by a dual electronic magneto ignition with a single Bing 40 mm constant depression pressure compensated carburetor.

And, in keeping with the focus on safety, the designers recommend that the homebuilder add an electric fuel pump as backup to the supplied engine driven mechanical fuel pump, suggesting that both pumps be configured in series. Recommended TBO is a conservative hours and all engines are sold with a 12 month hour warranty from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.

Lacking the raspy edge often associated with a radial, the Rotec performed flawlessly with a powerful consistency that clearly and logically produced the confidant feeling that it would not let you down. I have had my eyes open for a practical example for almost 10 years. The Sadler radial was once a serious consideration and I even sent drawings to the company to get their feelings on its application on one of my machines. They were fully supportive of the idea but they never really got their engine into production mode and the current rumor is that the tool and die and parts inventory are for sale.

My involvement with tractor autogyros started with an attempt to return to the original concepts of the Autogiro, due to safety issues.

That has proven to be the correct approach now echoed in concerns of others with the movement towards requiring horizontal stabilizers and center-thrust machines. When I first heard of the Rotec I immediately made inquiry. Well, debut it did. It started showing up at major airshows this year and I made the pilgrimage to Oshkosh to see it in person. And besides, Bruce Charnov had already found it on the internet, made contact with the Rotec folks and was pressing me to meet him there to check it out.

A functional example was mounted on a Kitfox airplane and it flew daily. The little engine just hummedHave an Each-Way First Goalscorer bet on any match with bet365, and be safe in the knowledge that if your player scores at any time during the game bet365 will pay you out. This offer applies to the FIRST single bet placed by a customer on each race shown live on ITV Racing. Keep backing those winners and bet365 will keep giving you risk free bets.

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